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Perfect LA Girl Pro Conceal Dupe? >> 5 Good things about Nicka K HD Concealer!

Perfect LA Girl Pro Conceal Dupe? >> 5 Good things about Nicka K HD Concealer!

One of the best seller of drugstore/ beauty supply is definitely LA Girl Pro Conceal which was a huge hit in the beauty world for several years. If you have ever used LA Girl Pro Conceal, you already know its quality is great in terms of pigmentation, price, coverage and so on. 

It's great to have many choices to pick from for better makeup. Nicka K NY has released HD Concealer which can be a perfect dupes for LA Girl Pro Conceal. I'm always on the lookout for affordable makeup but doing it job well for you guys. I personally think Nicka K Concealer is pretty awesome deal if you use creamy liquid concealers. But, there aren't many reviews about it and some people don't really recommend it. Let's get to know this new secret friend.

MakeupByMaura does a compare and contrast to help you guys who are interested in try one or the other, or both!

1. $1.99 Concealer will be a brokers' holy grail concealer

It's currently listed as $1.99 at ikatehouse.com which seems like the lowest price, I'm pretty sure. All women would understand the struggle we all go through; we deadly want some makeup stuff but tight budget makes you go crazy. $1.99 concealer? This concealer has an affordable price. It's even cheaper than LA Girl Pro Concealer. It's pretty good deal, right?

2. Bigger tube but lower price than LA Girl Pro Conceal

Well.. I have to consider their amount too. I've never thought the amount of LA Girl Pro Conceal was too little. You know concealers are actually highly pigmented and condensed liquid than foundation, that's why it is pricier. But, guess what... Nicka K Concealer contains 0.51 fl.oz/ 15ml, it's almost twice of LA Girl Concealer which contains 0.28oz. It would probably last over a half year.

3. Decent coverage!

If I have to compare these two products, I'd say LA Girls Concealer provides you with a better coverage, but Nicka K Concealer is more subtle and natural coverage. It's also very pigmented and long lasting. Nicka K HD Concealer is little bit heavier than a liquid concealer but not as thick as a cream.  It blends into skin beautifully too.

4. Wide range of shades for anyone with bright to dark skin

Some of makeup brands have a few of dark tones concealers which was complained by women with darker skin colors. Nicka K Concealer has a wide range of concealer shades which includes 16 different shade choices. 

5. Applicator

Nicka K Concealer comes in a click pen with a brush applicator which makes it easy to apply concealers on your nose, under your eyes and cupid's bow. It's very handy!! Also, the brush hairs are so soft

I think both of the concealers are useful. Depending on which way you use your concealer, these could be the perfect choices. It's definitely worth it to give it a try, if you like to contour with concealers and enjoy building up to get the shapes. Hope you guys enjoy it!


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