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$1 listick & gloss challenge!

$1 listick & gloss challenge!

Hello, beautiful! It's so cool to introduce some amazingly affordable makeup today! I mean affordable is not like under $10. These are 7 lip items which costs only a dollar now. Yes. ikatehouse, we made it for real. You know, it's easy to spend over $30 at Walmart or any other drugstores, even though you only grabbed 3 to 5 items. For those of people who wants to save some dollars on your makeup shopping, you should keep your eyes on ikatehouse.com and this blog.

Okay, let's jump to browse all the 7 $1 lip products!  

1. Amuse Matte Long Lasting Lipstick & Lipgloss, $1

It comes with long lasting lip gloss and lipstick all in one. They are truly worth to try it out! This lip gloss is very matte and has strong pigmentation power, but lipstick is needed to apply several times to get the same colors as it shows. 12 colors available ,Check it out here > http://www.ikatehouse.com/amuse-matte-long-lasting-lipstick-lipgloss.html

2. Amuse Matte Long Lasting Lipgloss, $1

This lip-gloss has variety of choices to pick from, neutral shades to pop colors. Also, its pigmentation is beautifully powerful and dries fast. I love its trendy colors as well as its portable size. It could be most affordable dupe for Kylie lip kit. You should definitely give it a tray. Pick your favorite among 12 shades > http://www.ikatehouse.com/amuse-matte-long-lasting-lipgloss.html

3. Amuse Matte Long Lasting Lipstick, $1

Its color ranges are so wide and I love its gorgeous case. Who's gonna think it is only $1 at first sight? I apply on my lips and it glides so smoothly. I highly recommend this lipstick. Shop here> http://www.ikatehouse.com/amuse-matte-long-lasting-lipstick.html

4. LA Colors Matte Lipstick, $1

You've seen these LA Color lipsticks at your local dollar stores and know that it actually works. Why would it be an advantage to shop the same products at ikatehouse? We mostly offer monthly 5% off promo code or 10% sale for special events. This lipstick will not dry out you lips, but give you beautiful matte look. Shop here> http://www.ikatehouse.com/la-colors-matte-lipstick-17300.html

5.Amuse Matte Lipstick, $1

When I swatched it, It felt like it was more of a creamy lipstick. It's named as matte lipstick, but to be honest it is not really matte. However, you can get the intense colors with few strokes, its color is really gorgeous and beautiful. I like its texture and how it glides on my lip. 16 colors are available here > http://www.ikatehouse.com/amuse-matte-lipstick.html

6. LA Colors Lip Duo Lipstick & Lipgloss, $1

If you are looking for some moisturizing lip gloss and lipstick for this Fall, this will be great deal. It comes with lipstick/gloss together. It goes on smooth and each end can be used individually or together for a more sparkling smile. Get yours here > http://www.ikatehouse.com/la-colors-lip-duo-lipstick-lipgloss.html

7. Amuse Long Lasting Lip Gloss, $1

This lip gloss has diverse ranges of pink, red and violet, you could see subtle differences. They do not easily come off and stay on for really long time. Its colors somehow reminds me MAC cosmetics, anyhow these are amazingly good dollar lip glosses. Pigmentation works well on lips too. Shop here> http://www.ikatehouse.com/amuse-long-lasting-lip-gloss.html

It's really impressive that there are variety of choices for dollar lip items. Right? Now, you will desire more other dollar makeup such as blush, powder, contour sticks, lashes and so on. Just simply visit here > http://www.ikatehouse.com/1-mall.html you will meet the new makeup utopia you have never seen. >.< 

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